Poncho, raincape, and now Roofbi !

Actual news about Roofbi
Roofbi is exposing at Run2Bike show. Marche en Famenne (Belgium) 25 - 26 oct. 2014

22 oct.2014 : New retailer in The Netherlands:

Elektrisch Vervoer Centrum in Heemskerk 

The Roofbi is the best comfort solution for bicycles and e-bikes  :

  • You never get wet with Roofbi ! Even feet are protected from rain.
  • Roofbi keeps heat under the roof. You don't need to wear warm or waterproof clothes that make you sweat.
  • Simple installation in 3 minutes without any preparation or tools,
  • Deformable structure and design with master sailboat offer flexibility and reduce influence of wind,
  • Good visibility, storage bag, inside pockets,
  • Security : reflective strips for the night, and cars keep their distance with Roofbi.

The Roofbi is compatible with all bikes :

e-bikes, city bikes, touring bikes, folding bikes.